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Fox will bet on love

Image 20th Century Fox has decided to send audiences to the world of music and gambling. As reported by Variety , the Hollywood major is starting work on a remake of the famous film " Guys and Dolls ".

The 1955 musical film was based on the musical of the same name, which won the prestigious Tony Theater Award. The fate of the full-length adaptation of the Broadway hit was no less successful. In 1956, the film by Joseph Leo Mankiewicz received four nominations for the " Oscar ", and also won two " Golden Globes ". The first statuette was won in the Best Musical or Comedy category, and the second was taken home by actress Gene Simmons.

The screen partners of Simmons are Frank Sinatra and Marlon Brando. The first appeared in the guise of a gambler Nathan Detroit , who urgently needed money to organize an underground dice game. Brando played Skye Masterson - an old friend of Detroit who is used to making big bets on anything. When Sky began to brag that he could invite any girl on a romantic trip to Cuba, Nathan decided to take advantage of the situation. He offered to make a $ 1,000 bet that Masterson would not be able to persuade Sarah Brown 's sister from the Mission to Save Souls religious organization to go to Havana.


Three years ago it was reported that Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Channing Tatum could take part in the creation of the remake, but the director's position remained vacant all this time. Now the management of the studio Fox has finally finally decided on the name of the steering project: Michael Grandage will give the characters of the musical a new screen life. The renowned British theater director is well acquainted with the original source, as in 2005 he already directed " Guys and Dolls " at London's Piccadilly Circus . Detroit and Masterson were portrayed in that musical performance by Douglas Hodge and Ewan McGregor, respectively. The directorial debut of Michael Grandage in cinema was the biographical drama "Genius" with Colin Firth, Jude Law and Nicole Kidman in the lead roles, who will make it to the USA screens on July 7 this year.


Insiders have not yet revealed whether Gordon-Levitt and Tatum remain the main contenders for the main roles. The remake will be produced by John Goldwin ("Dexter" / Dexter ) - the grandson of the famous Hollywood magnate Samuel Goldwin, who provided funding for the 1955 film.

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