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TriStar will find new Brando and Sinatra

Image It seems that another fashion trend has emerged in Hollywood. The bosses of the leading studios of the Dream Factory began to buy up the rights to create new versions of the famous film musicals of the middle of the last century. Today, a wave of remake addiction has reached the leaders of TriStar, who have gathered to re-shoot the music tape "Guys and Dolls".

The original film by Joseph Mankiewicz was released in 1955. The film was based on the 1950 Broadway musical of the same name, which won five Tony theatrical awards, including the best musical production of the year. The protagonist of the story was the petty crook Nathan Detroit, who decided to organize an underground dice game. To get a thousand dollars to rent a room, he makes a bet with his old friend Skye Masterson, according to which the latter must win the heart of an impregnable champion of morality from the religious organization Mission to Save Souls ...

Marlon Brando, Gene Simmons, Frank Sinatra and Vivian Blaine starred in the first film adaptation of Boys and Dolls. The film won a Golden Globe for Best Musical or Comedy and received four Academy Award nominations.


A few years ago, 20th Century Fox had already attempted to reshoot Boys and the Dolls, but in the end they chose to turn their attention to working on a modern version of another famous musical, West Side Story.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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