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No way out

Image The latest collaboration between screenwriter Scott Frank and 20th Century Fox turned out to be very successful: the blockbuster "Logan" not only liked critics and changed the usual ideas about the superhero genre, but was also successful at the box office. Now Frank and the major are ready to go to hell together, albeit figuratively.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, 20th Century Fox has acquired the rights to film the No Exit thriller by writer Taylor Adams. The book was published this summer and hit the top 100 sales for Amazon Kindle, so the interest of a large studio in adapting the popular novel is quite natural.

College student Darby Thorne heads home to see her sick mother. However, on the way, she is caught in a blizzard, and Darby has no choice but to stay at the resting place in the middle of the highway with four strangers. Suddenly, the main character sees a little girl locked in one of the parked cars. The cell phone isn't working, there is no telephone, the road is blocked due to snow, and Darby has no idea which of the travelers is the kidnapper ...


In addition to Logan, Scott Frank's filmography includes Wolverine: the Immortal, Minority Report and Get Shorty, and the writer is currently preparing a Netflix television western, Gods Forgotten, which will premiere in November.

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Author: Jake Pinkman