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Doctor Doom will receive a solo album

Image In recent years, Noah Hawley has fully demonstrated his talent on small screens - the Fargo anthology has amassed a collection of television awards, and Legion has turned out to be mesmerizing. While at the Comic-Con convention, Hawley not only delighted visitors with news about the second season of the series, but also shared other interesting information - the producer is working on a film about the Doctor Doom , the famous opponent of the Fantastic Four .

In addition to these words, the portal The Hollywood Reporter reports that Hawley is writing a blockbuster movie about a supervillain and intends to subsequently lead the shooting. 20th Century Fox owns the rights to everything about " Fantastic Four ", but its latest attempt to reboot the franchise has failed. Therefore, inviting a creator with such an unconventional vision as Hawley to look at a familiar story from a different point of view is an interesting move from the side of a major.

Viktor von Doom is one of the most popular antagonists among comic book fans, so his appearance in Fantastic Four turned out to be a big disappointment for fans. Those who are not familiar with the original source will probably remember Duma only as a man in an iron mask, who controls electricity. In graphic novels, Victor managed to be both a hero and a villain. It is difficult to say how he will appear in the Hawley project.


20th Century Fox has been enjoying breaking the rules of the genre lately. It all started with "Deadpool", followed by "Logan", and now "New Mutants" must become a superhero blockbuster with horror elements. Recently there was information that the Fantastic Four Major plans to turn it into a family film at all, but there was no other news about the project.

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Author: Jake Pinkman