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The rich cry too

Image Sometimes Hollywood screenwriters look for inspiration in works of fiction, and sometimes life itself tells them ideas for new films. Studio Sierra / Affinity decided to tell the audience a story that is at the intersection of fiction and truth. As reported by The Tracking Board , the American film company has acquired the rights to film an article by John Richardson " Finding Isabella F. ".

The story went public thirteen years ago when a certain Isabella F. announced on her blog that she had escaped from the aisle, soon after which her rich and powerful father sent an army of detectives to search for her. Rumors quickly arose on the Web that it could be the daughter of the famous German banker Helmut von Fink . For three years, the heiress of a multimillion-dollar fortune kept subscribers informed of her travels around the globe, until one day her blog was closed.

Many journalists and bloggers began to conduct their own investigations, but the veracity of Isabella 's story was never confirmed. Some are inclined to believe that the girl really had to flee from her tyrant father, while others believe that this whole story is just the fruit of someone's rich imagination. Particularly popular is the version that the blog was really run by the glamorous diva Isabella von Fink , who was so bored with life in high society that she decided to entertain herself with writing. The banker's daughter currently lives in Germany and is in a relationship with actor Peer Kusmagk.


Hollywood became interested in Isabella back in 2008, when the film rights to Richardson were acquired by Essential Pictures and Brightlight Pictures ... The project has now passed into the hands of the Sierra / Affinity studio bosses, who have hired Dan McDermott (On the Hook, Human Target ) to Dan Gordon's script revision. It is worth noting that eight years ago, foreign publications wooed the role of Isabella Natalie Portman .


The film will be produced by Zach Cadison (Mean Girl).

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Author: Jake Pinkman