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Director ”Baryg” will turn the heist of the century

Image Film company Sony Pictures decided to tell viewers about one of the most mysterious robberies in American history. As it became known to The Tracking Board, the Hollywood major is starting work on the crime thriller Master Thieves.

The tape will tell about the daring robbery of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, which was committed on March 18, 1990. During the night watch, security guard Richard Abath heard the doorbell ring. On the threshold of the art gallery were two law enforcement officers. Although the job description forbade the guards from opening the museum's doors, Abat decided to let the police inside. The guards of the law immediately announced to Richard that they had a warrant for his arrest. Before the guard had time to recover, the cops had already snapped the handcuffs on his hands. The same fate awaited Abat, who arrived in time. After that, two unknown persons announced that they were robbers and took the guards to the basement of the building.

Over the next hour, the pseudo-policemen managed to take thirteen works of art from the museum, including paintings by Vermeer, Rembrandt, Manet and Degas. The total cost of the stolen property is estimated at $ 500 million. Despite the best efforts of the FBI, the largest robbery of the museum in the history of the United States was never solved. Moreover, federal agents have not been able to track any of the stolen artworks. This year, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum raised the reward for information on the location of paintings to $ 10 million, but progress in the investigation of the crime has not yet been observed.


Wayne Lemon (Grace on Fire) wrote the script for the movie about the heist of a Boston museum. Jose Padilla will take over as the director's chair for Works of Thieves. The Brazilian first loudly declared himself to the world film community in 2008, when his crime drama Elite Squad won the Golden Bear at the 58th Berlin Film Festival. Padilla also earned a lot of flattering words for his work on the TV series "Barygi", during the creation of which he performed the functions of a director and producer. Currently, the Brazilian is preparing to release the film "Seven Days in Entebbe", which will be dedicated to the famous anti-terrorist operation "Fireball".


David Beaver (Dreamgirls) has been appointed curator of the project, and David Manperl (21+) and Matthew Tolmack (Spider-Man: Homecoming) will be producing production.

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