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Common sense is unnecessary. Doctor Strange Trailer

Image Some doctors, especially brilliant surgeons, think they know how the world works. Or, at least, they studied the capabilities of the human body inside and out, making sure that in certain cases, as they say, medicine is powerless. But what if common sense is fiction? What if sometimes you don't even need it to achieve great goals?

At the recent world famous Comic-Con festival, Marvel has finally unveiled a full trailer for one of the most ambitious and long-awaited fantasy blockbusters - Doctor Strange by directed by Scott Derrickson (Sinister). According to Scott , his painting will change the studio's cinematic universe in the same way that the comic strip about Strange changed the way readers think about graphic novels.


Already now we can say with confidence that the premiere of the new film will be attended not only by fans of blockbusters, but also by crowds of fans of the actors who are included in the main cast of the film. Recall that the main roles in this project were played by Benedict Cumberbatch, Rachel McAdams, Tilda Swinton, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Mads Mikkelsen. Moreover, Tilda embodied the image of the Elder , which in the printed original was male. To which the actress reasonably remarked: “It's just a title. Any of us could be an Elder ..

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As you know, the protagonist of the story will be a talented surgeon ( Cumberbatch ), who was deprived of the meaning of life by a terrible car accident. An amazing journey around the world, meeting with unusual people and new incredible skills help him to find himself anew. Our viewers will be able to say the catchphrase"Doctor, you are a wizard!" November 3 , when the premiere of Derrickson will take place on USA screens.

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Author: Jake Pinkman