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Doctor Strange is at a crossroads

Image The blockbuster Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness is positioned as one of the most important films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the foreseeable future. Firstly, it will overlap with the series "Loki" and "Wanda / Vision", and secondly, Kevin Feige himself said that the multiverse is a new step in the development of the franchise. Suddenly, such an important project faced a serious problem: director Scott Derrickson said goodbye to Marvel due to creative differences.

Recall that it was Derrickson who brought Doctor Strange to the Marvel Universe, and his innovative and somewhat psychedelic style suited Benedict Cumberbatch's hero perfectly. There is no information yet about the nature of the disagreements between the director and the studio, but journalists are already putting forward their assumptions. As you know, Derrickson is a big fan of horror, and the sequel to "Doctor Strange" will just contain horror elements. Perhaps the director and Marvel have different ideas about how scary and creepy a blockbuster should turn out. Also, Derrickson's decision could be influenced by the fact that in October the studio's management found a new scriptwriter for the film. However, Derrickson did not completely disown the second "Doctor Strange" - he is listed as the executive producer of the sequel.

The world premiere of the film is scheduled for May 7, 2021, and its shooting should start in May this year, and Marvel is already looking for a replacement for Derrickson so that work on the sequel can begin on time.


It is noteworthy that Marvel rarely changes directors at the crossing. If the studio officially announced the name of the director, then he usually completed the work on the film. The only exceptions were Thor 2: The Kingdom of Darkness and Ant-Man. The latter only benefited from the change of director, and Peyton Reed has already shot two successful blockbusters about Scott Lange.

Source: Collider

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