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Garry Marshall Died

Image At the age of 82 in Burbank, California, the director, screenwriter, producer and actor Garry Marshall , who presented the audience with the cult comedy "Pretty Woman", died. The cause of death of the filmmaker was complications after pneumonia.

Garry Marshall grew up in the Bronx. His father made documentaries, and his mother taught dance, setting up a studio right in the basement of his own house. The director began his career in Hollywood in the 60s as a humorous writer, and after that he got on television, where he became the creator of the series "The Odd Couple" ( The Odd Couple ), "Happy Days" ( Happy Days ), "Laverne and Shirley" ( Laverne and Shirley ) and many others. All in all, Marshall has 14 TV projects and more than a thousand produced half-hour episodes.

In the 80s Garry decided to try his hand at directing in big cinema. His debut work was the comedy "The Flamingo Boy". When such mega hits as "On the Beach" and "Pretty Woman" were released, the name of Marshall was recognized by all of America. Among the rest of the director's creations, you can find the films Runaway Bride, Another Sister, Fashionable Mom, How to Become a Princess, as well as a trilogy of films dedicated to the holidays - Valentine's Day, Old New Year and Obnoxious lady. ”


Quite often, the director himself appeared in the frame. Let these were episodic roles, but his characters have always aroused genuine interest in the public. All in all, the Marshall -actor has more than 80 works in film and television.

Shortly before his death, Marshall finished writing a new libretto for the Broadway production based on Pretty Women , the film that took him to the top of his fame.

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