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US Boxing Office: Mowgli Doesn't Give Up

ImageThe Jungle Book ” has once again prevented competitors from taking the lead in the North American box office: for the third week in a row, none of the rivals can come close to the results of the Disney project.

Last weekend, the feed Jon Favreau sank only 31% and earned $ 42.4 million . It is noteworthy that the other four films from the top 5 could not even raise $ 40 million together. The Jungle Book already has $ 252.1 million at home, and soon in time she threatens to master the amount of $ 300 million , which this year managed to do only "Zootopia", "Batman v Superman" and "Deadpool".

The Jungle Book grossed $ 684.7 million globally, making it one of the top 100 highest-grossing films in box office history.


Captain America: Civil War blockbuster will open this week in American theaters, which distributors predict to start with the amount of $ 200 million , so Mowgli and his friends will surely have to hand over the palm superheroes from the MCU Marvel .


A serious fight in the US box office broke out between the tape " Snow White and the Huntsman 2 " and the debutant of the week - the comedy " Keanu ". Chris Hemsworth won in the company of charming queens - Emily Blunt and Charlize Theron. Another $ 9.39 million went to the fantasy action movie box, but hardly anything will save him from failure. In home theaters, he has so far raised $ 34 million , and in the whole world - $ 97 million . Considering that it took $ 115 million to create the painting Cedric Nicola-Troyan , Universal is unlikely to wish to return to the world of Snow Whiteand Hunter .

Third place went to the already mentioned comedy "Keanu" . Peter Atencio finished its first weekend with a $ 9.35 million score, receiving a satisfactory B rating from viewers on CinemaScore . Reviewers reacted more favorably to the tape.


Keegan actors Michael Key and Jordan Peel have a joint sketch show, and therefore it is not surprising that their duet, according to critics, became the main highlight of the film. The plot of the picture is quite absurd: a criminal gang kidnaps a kitten of one of the main characters, and he decides to return the animal at any cost. Among the shortcomings noticed by the audience is the fact that the jokes are sometimes repeated on the tape, but otherwise Keanu is a decent mix of comedy and action movie.


Another newcomer, the comedy Garry Marshall " Obnoxious Ladies ", finished the fourth week of the previous rental week. The director used a formula that was familiar to him - to collect famous actors and several stories dedicated to any holiday. This time, the filmmaker got his attention on Mother's Day, but if "Valentine's Day" started in 2010 with an amount of $ 56.2 million, "Old New Year" managed to raise $ 13 million on the first weekend, then the new brainchild of Marshallbrought him a modest $ 8.3 million .

Obnoxious Ladies , like Keanu , received a B rating from viewers, but at the same time were crushed by reviewers to smithereens. The impressive cast, which featured Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Jason Sudeikis and Kate Hudson, did not save the picture from a flurry of negativity. According to critics, Garry Marshall once again tried to evoke sentimental feelings in the viewer, but he did not offer anything new, and the film itself looks crumpled in the end.


Closing the top 5 is another comedy - " Hairdresser 3 ". In its third rolling week, Malcolm D. Lee earned an additional $ 6.1 million and now boasts a sum of $ 44.7 million . However, next weekend the triquel will probably be pushed out of the top five.

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