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Nolan won the war over the US box office

Image When the weekend drew to a close, it turned out that the new film Christopher Nolan had no special competitors last weekend ( July 28-30 ). Even in its second week, the war drama " Dunkirk " managed to outstrip newcomers and remain the leader of the North American box office.

Dunkirk has added another $ 28.1 million to its treasury, and now its collection in its native cinemas is $ 102.8 million , which is still not enough for in order to recoup the $ 100 -million budget. True, this film will help viewers from other countries, where the film Nolan has already grossed $ 131.3 million .

It is noteworthy that in the second week, the audience of Dunkirk sank by only 44%, largely due to the admiring reviews of critics and viewers who managed to watch the tape. Reviewers call the painting the most controversial and at the same time the best work of Nolan . The director managed to create a breathtaking military performance in which he tries to find order amid chaos.


Here you will not see solid meat and crimson rivers of blood, the heroes are fighting a faceless enemy and circumstances, and how once Nolan changed the superhero genre, filming the trilogy about Batman , to the heights of which studio Warner Bros. still can't get there, and now his Dunkirk is a new word among war dramas.

But the studio Sony tried to contribute to the genre of animated films by filming a cartoon about emoticons - the very ones that users sometimes replace entire sentences with. From the very beginning, the idea of the film seemed rather strange, and the result ended up being appropriate. Critics smashed " Emoji Movie " to smithereens, although viewers, tired of the adventures of Gru and his minions, supported the film by Anthony Leonis financially - on At the start, it raised $ 25.7 million , which is not too bad for a budget of $ 50 million .


However, cinema goers still gave the cartoon a low B rating, while on the aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes , the rating of talking emoticons after the first reviews was 0%. Fortunately, now it has risen to 8%, since there were those who think the picture is not so bad. This small group of critics believes that kids will appreciate the flamboyant characters, simple storytelling and eccentric humor of Movie Emoji . It is to this category of moviegoers that the main messages of the cartoon about friendship, teamwork and individuality are directed. If you look at the tape from the perspective of an adult, then the new creation of Sony will seem to you senseless, corny and absolutely unfunny.


The comedy " Flying Girls " took third place in the weekend. Malcolm D. Lee made Americans fork out another $ 20.1 million , and now it has a hefty $ 65.5 million box office, more than three times the budget of the painting. It's not for nothing that critics classify Cool Girls as one of the best comedies of this year and even suggest that Lee think about making the film the beginning of a new franchise.

Another newcomer to the box office, the action-thriller Explosive Blonde , was one of the debutants that disappointed distributors. The latter hoped that the picture would be able to overcome the $ 20 -million milestone, but the brainchild of David Leitch was able to master only $ 18.6 million at the start. It is surprising that critics generally reacted positively to the film, but moviegoers put it on a par with Emoji Movie .


Reviewers all as one celebrate the brilliant game Charlize Theron, which turned out to be an excellent action heroine. And the work of Litch himself turned out to be at its best - the atmosphere of the action movie is mesmerizing, and he himself was shot with style and taste. What the critics lacked was semantic content - all the attention in Explosive Blonde was paid to the action, not the plot.

The blockbuster " Spider-Man: Homecoming ", which is not going to leave the top five, closes the review of the US box office. Peter Parker put another $ 13.5 million in his pocket, bringing home cash to $ 278.4 million . The viewers across the ocean were no less grateful and put at the disposal of Spider-Man $ 355.4 million .

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Author: Jake Pinkman