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Nolan is poised to become the highest paid director

Image Warner Bros. Studio and director Christopher Nolan began their fruitful collaboration in 2002. Since then, the Briton has shot seven films that have received 24 Oscar nominations and have earned the film company nearly $ 4.2 billion . In recent years, many WB blockbusters have failed miserably at the box office, and therefore the studio management is ready to go to unprecedented measures to prevent Nolan from leaving under the wing of their competitors.

In December last year, it became known that the next film Christopher will be the military drama "Dunkirk" about the operation of the Allied forces to evacuate more than 300 thousand soldiers from the French port city of the same name. As The Hollywood Reporter has learned, Nolan will pay $ 20 million for this tape. The director will also receive 20% of the box office for " Dunkirk ".

According to THR , the average Hollywood director's salary is currently about $ 0.75-1.5 million . Considering that the joint projects Nolan and WB earn an average of $ 600 million , the monetary remuneration of the Briton for work on “ Dunkirk "Has every chance of exceeding $ 100 million .


Christopher also has the opportunity to become Hollywood's highest paid director. Currently this title is held by Peter Jackson . 11 years ago, the New Zealander made the same deal with Universal as Nolan did with WB : the director received $ 20 million in royalties and 20% of the box office tapes "King Kong". The film about the giant gorilla completed rental with a result of $ 550 million , thanks to which Jackson raised his bank account for $ 130 million .


Dunkirk will premiere on 20 July 2017 .

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Author: Jake Pinkman