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US Boxing Office: Nolan Released New Masterpiece

Image The new creation of Christopher Nolan movie fans always await with special awe, and therefore the studio Warner Bros. took the risk and sent " Dunkirk " to conquer the big screens in the blockbuster season ... A WWII movie might not have held up at a time when theaters are flooded with more commercial projects, but Nolan 's name played a role.

Last weekend ( July 21-23 ) Dunkirk not only managed to take the lead in the North American box office, but also exceeded all expectations of distributors, earning $ 50.5 million . The film opened at the box office in almost the same way as Interstellar ( $ 47.5 million ), but with the only difference that the latter premiered in the fall. If we compare Dunkirk with other films about World War II, then it will give odds to Unbreakable ( $ 30.6 million ), Rage ( $ 23, 7 million ) and the drama "For reasons of conscience" ( $ 15.2 million ).

Dunkirk hit the big screens after critics gave it their positive verdict. Cinema goers supported them by giving the film an A- rating. Reviewers do not hesitate to call the tape a real masterpiece, created by an outstanding director. Nolan got a monumental picture, which not only shows the ins and outs of war, it illustrates a person's life in war, reaching the heart and consciousness of the viewer through his nervous system. There have been a lot of blockbusters this year trying to impress the audience with their scale, but Dunkirk is one of the epics that will remain in memory for a long time. Critics could not fail to note the excellent music of Hans Zimmer, which plays an important role in revealing the characters of the thriller.


Critics say Dunkirk is worth seeing on the big screens, so it's no surprise that $ 11.7 million of all proceeds come from IMAX b>-cinemas. The new creation of Nolan was also appreciated outside the United States, where the painting grossed $ 55.4 million , but so far the tape should make a lot of effort to recoup its $ 150 -million budget. If Dunkirk follows the path of the director's other films, then it may well complete its home distribution in the region of $ 185 million .


On the second line, the weekend was finished by another rental newcomer, who surprised the distributors. The film " Flying Girls " mastered an impressive $ 30.4 million at the start, while only $ 19 million was spent on its shooting. After the failure at the box office of Very Bad Girls and Home, it seemed like American audiences were disappointed with adult-rated comedies, but Malcolm D. Lee proves otherwise. The director and his fellow screenwriters managed to create a truly funny movie that can bring the audience to hysteria. At the same time, the film quite cheerfully switches from jokes to dramatic conflict and vice versa. With Cool Girls earning a high A + rating, they can look forward to future success and collect more

The third position of the top 5 was taken by the new "Spider-Man" - young Peter Parker added another $ 22 million to the treasury. Now his achievements in the United States are estimated at $ 251.7 million , and thanks to foreign viewers, the blockbuster Jonathan Watts boasts an amount of $ 571.7 million . This is probably why the desire of the studio Sony to get a director to work on the sequel did not come as a surprise to anyone.


But the blockbuster " Planet of the Apes: War " lost more than 60% of its audience in a week and moved to the fourth position in the financial rating. Matt Reeves made another $ 20.4 million , bringing home box office to $ 97.8 million . So far, American viewers are not doing too much to ensure that the picture recoups the budget of $ 150 million , and in other countries the triquel has collected only $ 77.1 million . As you can see, even positive reviews cannot affect the fading interest of moviegoers in large-scale Hollywood franchises.


Closing the top five this week is another blockbuster. As much as Luc Besson hoped for the success of his new film, “ Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets ” did not stand out in the North American box office. Moreover, the picture failed at the start, having collected only $ 17 million . Of course, Besson hopes that the film will perform well in France, where it will premiere this week, but for now we can say that a blockbuster with a huge budget, according to some sources, exceeding $ 200 million , began his journey extremely weak. Valerian , according to critics, turned out to be incredibly beautiful in visual terms, but the plot component is noticeably lame in comparison with the picture.

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