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Cleopatra Jones is back in action

Image It looks like the genre of "black exploitation" is back in vogue. Studio New Line is preparing a reboot of "Shaft", Sony took on "Superfly", and Warner Bros., following the example of competitors, thought about creating a remake of "Cleopatra Jones", as reported by the portal Deadline.

The original was released in 1973, and stood out among its fellow genre thanks to its comedic bias. The main character was originally positioned as a female answer to James Bond. Cleopatra worked for the government, pretended to be a model, had excellent martial arts skills and drove a car packed with automatic weapons. She hated drug dealers, and the plot of the picture revolved around the heroine's struggle with the drug lord, nicknamed Mom. Despite the fact that Jack Starrett's film was not a big financial success, its sequel appeared in 1975.

Warner Bros. invited Misha Green to write the script for the remake. During her career, she managed to work on a number of TV series (Heroes, Spartacus, Spiral) and is also the creator of the historical drama Underground.


It is reported that the studio, as in the case of the original, intends to compare the main character of the project with James Bond, which should attract the attention of moviegoers. Whether the action of the tape will unfold in the 70s or will be postponed to the present is still unknown.

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Author: Jake Pinkman