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Superfly Returns

Image Sony Studio is preparing another remake of Hollywood classics. This time, the producers decided to pay attention to the genre of "black exploitation" that originated in the 70s, the main characters of which were traditionally black drug dealers, pimps and killers. According to Variety, Sony's bosses turned their attention to the 1972 film Superfly.

And although "Superfly" was not as popular as the same "Shaft" or "Foxy Brown", the picture still contributed to the development of the genre. Oddly enough, the soundtrack for the film, written by the legendary Curtis Mayfield, was more successful.

The main role in the original was played by Ron O'Neill, who appeared in the form of Youngblood Priest, a cocaine dealer who dreams of quitting the drug business. He decides to pull off the last major scam in order to secure a comfortable existence, but Priest's plans are constantly ruined by other drug dealers and corrupt cops.


It is not yet clear how much the plot of the remake will correspond to the original, but Alex Tse has already undertaken to write the script, after the "Guardians" he managed to work on the new version of "The Crow". As for the main character, according to insiders, Sony bosses have already made a list of candidates for this role.

If the project is successful, the studio will probably want to create a franchise based on it. It is noteworthy that the original "Superfly" in 1973 was followed by a sequel, and almost 20 years later the producer of the first two parts of Sig Shore filmed the third one with Nathan Purdy in the title role.

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