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”Chapaev, welcome!” Trailer of the USAn ”Martian”

Image Recently, domestic filmmakers have especially fallen in love with the theme of space. The film "Time of the First" about the space race between the USSR and the USA has already gone to the big screens, the release of "Salyut-7" about docking with an uncontrollable object is expected in the fall, but no one of the modern USA actors seems to have flown to Mars yet. This annoying oversight was decided to correct the creators of the ambitious fantasy drama "The Martian" , the trailer of which was recently released on the web. She is ambitious, if only because it is called the same as the acclaimed film by Ridley Scott with Matt Damon. And for good reason ...

After the release of the American "The Martian" , the scriptwriter and director of the USA, Mikhail Raskhodnikov, said that this idea was born to him in 2007, in 2008 he showed it to representatives of foreign film companies, and somewhere on this stage she was treacherously stolen. Consumables even filed a lawsuit against 20th Century Fox , demanding compensation in the amount of 50 million rubles, but lost the case. Note that the budget of the domestic "Martian" was about 180 million rubles.


According to the plot of the picture, the long attempts of our astronauts to get to Mars were crowned with success in 2030. However, the landing did not go according to plan, and as a result of a terrible tornado on the Red Planet, only the ship's commander, captain Chapaev , survived. The whole world will be watching how he will survive and what to do all alone on an unknown planet.

The strangely mounted trailer contains neither old hits warming the soul of a space hermit, nor a tent with saving potatoes, nor life-affirming sarcastic monologues, nor even laudatory odes to the great duct tape, but there are many allusions to a certain mystical component of the Martian life of Chapaev . At this stage, it is completely incomprehensible how this picture is going to hook the domestic viewer and how exactly its release on the screens will compensate Raskadnikov the notorious damage.


The date of the victorious flight of Chapaev in USA cinemas has not yet been determined by our distributors.

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Author: Jake Pinkman