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Doug Lyman ready to hear the tread of chaos

Image After Gambit lost director Rupert Wyatt, 20th Century Fox hired him to replace Doug Lyman (Edge of Tomorrow). However, the shooting of the blockbuster is constantly being postponed, the final version of the script is not yet ready, and Lyman is looking for other projects, which casts doubt on his further work on Gambit .

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter , Lyman is currently in talks to take the director's chair for Treads of Chaos , an adaptation of the first book in the teenage series. novels by Patrick Ness. Oscar winner Charlie Kaufman (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) and Jamie Linden (Financial Monster) have worked on the script for the film.

Prenticestown is an unusual city. There are no women here at all, and all men can hear each other's thoughts in a stream of pictures, words and sounds called Noise . Todd is the only teenager in town. When only a month is left until his adulthood, the guy finds a zone of silence and realizes that something terrible is hidden here, and he and his faithful dog Munchy need to flee ...

Lionsgate bought the film rights to Ness in 2011, with plans to create another teenage franchise in the wake of Twilight's success. However, the project ran into a number of problems, and Robert Zemeckis, who had previously intended to head the shooting, refused to further work on it.


As far as Lyman is concerned, it is possible that the filmmaker will no longer return to Gambit . The cast of the blockbuster includes only Channing Tatum, whose involvement in the project has also recently been questioned. Lyman has a thriller "The Wall" and a sequel to the successful science fiction film "Edge of Tomorrow" in the near future.

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Author: Jake Pinkman