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Casting: Rogue Wilson and Agent Edgerton

Image According to the site The Hollywood Reporter , one of the main roles in the remake of the 1988 comedy " Dirty Scammers ", which is being prepared by the studio MGM , received Rebel Wilson .

In the original, two scammers decided to compete in which of them would be the first to cheat the rich heiress. In the new version, the central characters will be swindlers who intend to extract his fortune from the genius.

Rebel Wilson will also co-produce the project. Recently, the actress could be seen in the comedies "The Brothers from Grimsby" and "Actively Seeking", and in future plans she has a shooting in a remake of another film of the 80s "Private Benjamin" and the triquel "Pitch Perfect.

Despite being busy filming Star Wars, Daisy Ridley continues to select new projects for herself - the actress got the lead role in the film Chaos Steps , an adaptation of the first novel from Patrick's trilogy Nessa.


The main character Todd Hewitt lives in the unusual city of Prenticestown. There are no women here at all, and men can hear each other's thoughts in a stream of sounds and images called Noise . Shortly before his majority, Todd learns that something terrible is being hidden from him, and the only thing left for the guy is to run ...

The director's chair for the project is given to Doug Lyman (Edge of Tomorrow), while Jamie Linden (Dear John) is working on the script.


Joel Edgerton ("The Gift") is in talks to join Jennifer Lawrence on the set of Red Sparrow . Francis Lawrence (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire) will lead the film and the script was written by Justin Haight (The Snitch).

The main character of the picture is the USA spy Dominika Egorova ( Lawrence ), who is tasked with seducing and declassifying an agent CIA Nathaniel Nash( Edgerton ), which has information important to the government.

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