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Sex, Politics and Cleopatra

Image This fall it became known that the Sony studio decided to get off the ground with its long-suffering project about Cleopatra. The Hollywood major acquired the rights to film Stacy Schiff's book about the life of an Egyptian queen 11 years ago. Over the years, such eminent directors as James Cameron, David Fincher, Paul Greengrass and Ang Lee managed to participate in negotiations with Sony regarding the directing chair of the historical drama.

In September, the news came from the Sony camp that Denis Villeneuve ("Assassin", "Blade Runner 2049") could eventually get the post of director of Cleopatra. Now The Hollywood Reporter has finally gotten the first details of the intriguing project.

Many viewers hoped that the new film about the last queen of Egypt would become an epic as large-scale as 1963's Cleopatra. The film by Joseph Leo Mankiewicz with Elizabeth Taylor in the title role was the most expensive film of its time: 20th Century Fox spent about $ 44 million on its shooting and advertising. The picture earned $ 57.7 million at home, which made the Hollywood company bankrupt. To date, “Cleopatra” remains the only film in history that has won the title of the highest grossing film project of the year, but failed to recoup its budget.


It looks like Sony doesn't want to repeat the sad Fox experience. “Instead of creating a three-hour epic, we will shoot a political thriller, - screenwriter David Scarpa told THR reporters. -Our picture will be full of blood, dirt, abuse and sex. We decided to do something that no one expected from us.

Initially, the role of Cleopatra was assigned to Angelina Jolie, who positioned the tape as a spectacular blockbuster. It is possible that an unexpected change in the direction of the project will lead to the fact that Sony will have to look for a replacement for the Oscar-winning actress.


The date of the premiere of the new "Cleopatra" has not yet been announced.

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Author: Jake Pinkman