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Denis Villeneuve proposed the movie Cleopatra


Denis Villeneuve continues to add to his list of potential directorial projects. According to Deadline, Sony Pictures offered him to direct the long-suffering movie dedicated to the Egyptian queen Cleopatra.

In case of successful negotiations with the studio, Villeneuve will have to movie a book by writer Stacy Skiff entitled "The Life of Cleopatra" explored the ascent of Cleopatra to the heights of power in the ancient world and its influence on world history.

Recall that the studio has been trying to implement this project since 2009. Over the years, the list of its possible directors included David Fincher, Paul Greengrass and even James Cameron. But they all eventually gave up movieing because of the too long preparatory period.

Angelina Jolie has long been considered the leading role, but whether she is interested in her is still unknown. It is worth noting that the news of the possible participation of the actress in the movie agitated the Negro organizations in the United States, who were outraged that the role of the Egyptian queen was going to be entrusted to the white one. Cleopatra has appeared on the big screens many times. In 1934 she was played by Claudette Colbert, in 1945 by Vivien Leigh, and in 1963 by Elizabeth Taylor.

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Author: Jake Pinkman