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Doomsday Burning

Image The fourth part of the " Doomsday " franchise has found a director, but it will not be James DeMonaco, who directed the previous three films. According to the portal The Hollywood Reporter , the director of the project has been Gerard McMurray , whose name is still unknown to the general public.

For the first time in the history of the franchise, DeMonaco will step down as a director. Under his careful guidance, the film series has become very successful. The first film was released in 2013 and showed viewers a dystopian version of America, in which once a year a 12-hour period is allowed when all crimes are lawful. And if the original "Doomsday" resembled a picture of illegal entry into a dwelling, then in the subsequent parts of the event took on a much larger scale, simultaneously touching on social and political problems. Now the franchise has more than $ 319 million at the worldwide box office with a total budget of three films equal to $ 22 million .

It is not yet known if the change of director will benefit the series, but DeMonaco has already expressed his joy at the appointment of McMurray . Now in the filmography of the latter there is only one full-length project - the drama "Burning Sands", which won critical acclaim at the Sundance festival. The tape was even one of the contenders for the main prize, and the distribution rights were eventually acquired by the online service Netflix .


The script for the fourth "Doomsday" is written by DeMonaco himself, but its details are kept secret. It was rumored that the next installment would be a prequel and would tell about the creation of the New Founding Fathers . In addition, DeMonaco previously said that he would like to see how the concept of permissibility of crime is practiced by other states.

The film is scheduled to premiere on 4th July next year.

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Author: Jake Pinkman