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Doomsday may begin on TV

Image The film series " Judgment Night " has become quite a successful franchise, and on the eve of the release of the third part on video, director James DeMonaco admitted to reporters that perhaps it will serve as the basis for a new television show ...

In an interview with the portal CinemaBlend DeMonaco noted that the idea of the project involves the creation of a series using many storylines and flashbacks, such as in "Lost" ( Lost ). This will reveal the characters' characters and their motivations much better than could be done in a full-length film.

“I was approached with the idea of a television project. I would stick with six or seven storylines that would develop in parallel, using the reception of flashbacks. I like the idea that, with 10 hours of airtime, you can show more than in a regular film, consider in detail the reasons why a citizen decides to do something terrible on the night of judgment ... Thanks to references to the past, you can see how people came to such a life. It would also be interesting to tell what makes a person take a weapon or a knife and kill their own kind ", - said DeMonaco .


While the future of the Judgment Night franchise remains in question - even the decision to shoot the fourth part has not yet been made. However, if the series still gets a continuation, DeMonaco is unlikely to return to the director's chair. At the same time, James does not hide the fact that he has several ideas for the next film. According to him, it would be possible to shoot a prequel to the trilogy that was released on the screens and tell the audience about how such a phenomenon as judgment night was born in America.

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Author: Jake Pinkman