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Will Sylvester Stallone meet Doomsday?

Image Blumhouse Productions continues to prepare for Doomsday 5. A week ago, the horror found a director, and today a curious rumor about its cast has appeared on the Net. Rumor has it that the creators of the horror film are offering the role to three-time Oscar nominee Sylvester Stallone.

Talk about Sly's participation in the film came after Blumhouse CEO Jason Bloom tweeted about a business meeting with the actor. Insiders suspect that it was about "Doomsday 5". The thing is that Bloom was accompanied by the author of the horror franchise James DeMonaco.

Last year, "Doomsday" made its way to the small screens, becoming the basis of the successful USA series. It is clear that now it will be difficult for films about a 12-hour period of lawlessness to compete with their television counterpart in terms of the development of the plot and the characters of the characters. In this regard, it would be logical for the Blumhouse Film Department to rely on superstars and increased entertainment.


It should be noted that Jason Bloom himself has not yet clarified which project was discussed with Stallone.

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