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Hulu will scare you all year round

Image The online service Hulu started producing its own series just a few years ago, but has already become one of the most successful players in the TV content market. Thanks to the success of dramas and comedies such as The Handmaid's Tale, The Way, The Third Eye, The Runaways and The Man of the Future, the streaming giant increased its subscribers by 41 percent in the past year. Unsurprisingly, Hulu executives have begun to invest even more heavily in series in a wide variety of genres.

Currently, the online service is working on the series of dramas "Castle Rock" and "Lock and Key" based on the works of Stephen King and his son Joe Hill. As it became known to Variety, the Hulu bosses are ready to make another pleasant surprise for fans of chilling stories. The company's bosses have decided to team up with Jason Bloom's television department to create an as-yet-untitled horror anthology.

Bloom is widely regarded as one of Hollywood's premier horror experts: over the past decade, his company Blumhouse Productions has contributed to the creation of such box-office hits as Astral, Sinister, Judgment Night, Ouija. Devil's Board "," Split "," Happy Day of Death "and" Get Out.


Details of the joint project between Hulu and Blumhouse are still kept secret. It is only known that the online service intends to test a completely new way of broadcasting its series. The first season of the horror anthology will consist of twelve episodes that will air once a month.

It is expected that each episode of the TV series will be a separate story. The year-round horror Hulu is set to premiere closer to Halloween.

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Author: Jake Pinkman