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Blumhouse expands horizons

Image Blumhouse has already established connections with Netflix and Hulu, but now the studio, known for its horror movies, will work with another streaming platform. According to an official press release, Blumhouse Television has signed an agreement with Amazon Studios, under which the online service will receive exclusive rights to eight full-length thrillers produced by the company.

“Jason Bloom has built an empire around fear and all sorts of shocking things,- said Amazon Studios CEO Jennifer Salk. -He reimagined horror for an audience looking for high-level projects. Whether it's about found-film tapes, social horror comedy or eerie adrenaline-fueled spectacles, Jason Bloom has added important elements of modern culture to them..

Over the past decade, Blumhouse has become a forerunner in the horror genre. She has created several successful film franchises and is known for providing filmmakers with complete creative freedom with small budgets. However, on TV, the company is not doing so well: for example, the series "River" lasted only one season. However, Jason Bloom considers television projects a priority, and this year has turned out to be successful for Blumhouse in this direction. So, USA Network has already extended the show "Judgment Night" for a second season. Hulu releases an episode of the anthology "Into Darkness" every month, and a few months ago the miniseries "Ghoul" premiered on Netflix.


For Amazon, the Blumhouse deal is also a step forward. While Netflix has been making its own films for a long time, available only by subscription, Amazon first of all releases its films. However, "Handsome Boy" and "Suspiria", despite positive reviews from critics, financially lack stars from the sky, which may have forced the bosses of the streaming service to reconsider their strategy.

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Author: Jake Pinkman