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Shadow Man vs. Underworld Dwellers

Image Comic giants Marvel and DC are firmly established on the big screens, and new films about the adventures of their superheroes are regularly released. Smaller publishers like the independent company Valiant Entertainment have a noticeably slower and more difficult process. They announced their desire to create their own cinematic universe back in 2015, and the first two projects even had a release planned for 2017, but since then no news has been received, work has stalled. However, Valiant Entertainment , like real superheroes, do not give up and continue their way to the big screens. According to the publication The Hollywood Reporter , the adaptation of the comic book " Shadow Man " has acquired a new creative team.

Salem showrunner Adam Simon will rewrite a script originally written by J. Michael Strazhinski (Substitution, Underworld: Awakening). And at the helm of the film adaptation will be the director Reginald Hadlin ("Fraudsters").


The Shadow Man is a supernatural story about an African American musician from New Orleans who is possessed by a spirit who empowers him. As the latest incarnation of Shadow Man , the mystical protector of Earth from demonic invasion, the hero must confront threats from various inhabitants of the underworld who want to blur the line between the real world and the Realm of the Dead.

Hadlin and Simon will rework the story together, while Straczynski will remain on the project as executive producer. Although this will be Hadlin's first cinematic project about superheroes, he still has experience with comics. As a screenwriter, he worked on the animated mini-series Black Panther, and helped adapt Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained for comics. In addition, the director is currently trying to revive the Milestone franchise for DC Entertainment .


Shadow Man is set to be one of several films that Valiant Entertainment is planning to release to the big screens. Sony has signed a deal with the company to produce five films. They also include Bloody Shot, Harbinger and Archer and Armstrong, which is being developed by screenwriter Terry Rossio and director of the comedy horror film Welcome to Zombieland Ruben Fleischer. And also a television series about two superhero brothers Quant and Woody , which is executive produced by Joe and Anthony Russo.

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Author: Jake Pinkman