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Static Shock for DC Fans

Image The atmosphere at the DC FanDome virtual convention was electrified to the limit: as part of the event, Oscar-nominated Reginald Hadlin announced the Static Shock movie comic strip. The film, according to the director, will be part of DC's program to strengthen the voice of the African American population in the United States.

The film is being developed by Warner Bros. in partnership with Milestone Media, an integral part of DC comics history. It is the artists Milestone who should be thanked for the appearance in the expanded universe of Static Shock, Rocket and Icon. Hadlin did not give details about the plot of the cinematic adaptation, as well as information about who will take part in the filming.

In ordinary life, Static Shock is a simple teenager named Virgil Hawkins from Dakota City. He became a superhero after a chemical explosion that shook the streets of his hometown. Undergoing mutation, Virgil learned to create, absorb and control electricity and magnetism. The guy, with the help of his inventive friends, began to use these superpowers to fight crime. Virgil is not the first time to appear on the screens: in the early 00s, an animated series about the adventures of Static Shock was broadcast on television.

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