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Apple will be producing TV series

Image The advent of the Golden Age of Television led not only cable and terrestrial channels to produce their own content, but also streaming services such as Amazon , Hulu and Netflix . Last week at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, FX head of the network, John Landgrave, announced that 342 series have been aired in America since the beginning of this calendar year. Next month in the United States, another television season will open, which will present viewers with dozens of new television projects. Everything goes to the fact that by the end of 2017, more than 500 TV series will be produced in America for the first time in history.

In the coming years, the boom of serialization is unlikely to subside: both broadcast channels and local television networks are now filming their own dramas and comedies. In addition, an entirely new player will soon enter the TV content market. As it became known to the journalists of The Wall Street Journal , Apple corporation is ready to try its hand at creating TV series.


In recent years, one of the leaders of the global IT industry has received a solid income from the sale of other people's content through iTunes . Looking at the success of the world's leading online services in the serial business, the leadership of Apple fired up the idea of creating their own TV department. According to insiders, in the coming year, the bosses of the corporation intend to spend about $ 1 billion on filming films and serial dramas.

The famous online store Amazon invested about the same amount in the creation of the Amazon Studios department and the production of the starter line of series in 2013. His management clearly did not have to regret the money spent: in September 2015, the comedy "Obvious" brought Amazon Studios the first ever “ Emmy ” award. To date, the online service has also managed to create such popular drama series as The Man in the High Castle, Right Hand of God, Sneaky Pete, Zelda: The Beginning of Everything, The Patriot and The Last Tycoon.


Rumor has it that the management of Apple plans to catch up in terms of content production with the streaming giant Netflix , which annually invests in the creation of new films and series of the order of $ 6 billion .

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Author: Jake Pinkman