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Amphibious Man will sail to China

Image In recent years, the Chinese film market has begun to show such growth rates that many of the world's leading studios have been forced to focus their projects primarily on viewers from the Middle Kingdom. The USA company " Glavkino " also intends to open a window to Asia. As reported by the TASS news agency, at the International Cultural Forum in St. Petersburg taking place these days, its general director Vladislav Melnikov and representatives of the USA-Chinese Foundation for the Development of Culture and Educationannounced the creation of the Glavkino.China production center.

One of the first projects of the new branch of the USA studio will be a remake of the famous Soviet film " Amphibian Man ". The main roles in the film with a budget of $ 3 million are going to be given to the stars of Asian cinema. It is possible that in the new version, two key characters of the love story will change their sexes: the producers are considering the idea of making Amphibious Man not a young man, but a girl.


The studio " Lenfilm " will be involved in the work on the project, which is ready to provide its Chinese partners with materials on the creation of the original film. The entire next year, the remake team intends to devote to work on the script, and it plans to start filming directly only in the summer of 2018. The work on location will take place in China and Crimea, and the pavilions " Glavkino " and " Lenfilm " will be used for interior scenes.

The original was based on the book of the same name by Alexander Belyaev. It is curious that at one time an active interest in the adaptation of a science fiction novel was shown by Hollywood. Walt Disney wanted to shoot the film about the adventures of Ichthyander , but in the end he was scared off by the technology of underwater shooting, which was incredibly complex at the time.


Many Soviet directors did not risk taking on such a laborious project. Suffice it to say that the script " Amphibious Man " lay on the shelf for a good ten years before Gennady Kazansky and Vladimir Chebotarev decided to take it on.

The directors recruited experienced scuba divers and stuntmen to work on the tape, and also sent actors Vladimir Korenev and Anastasia Vertinskaya to diving courses. As a result, " Amphibian Man " managed to become one of the first feature films in the history of cinema, in which the lion's share of the action took place under water. The adventure tape was watched by 65 million viewers, which allowed it to become the leader of the Soviet film distribution in 1962.


In 2012, the movie " Amphibian Man " was already close to getting a remake, but over the past four years its English version has not been able to go into production.

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Author: Jake Pinkman