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Casting: Malek to Jail, McNamie and Rose to Sharks

Image The star of the television series "Mr. Robot" ( Mr. Robot ) Rami Malek may star in the movie " Moth ", a remake of the 1973 tape of the same name.

Henri , being a petty figure in the Parisian underworld, was sentenced to life in prison for a murder he did not commit. While in prison, he befriends the counterfeiter Louis Degas ( Malek ), who, in exchange for the patronage of Henri , agrees to finance the latter's escape ...

The painting should be an adaptation of the novel " Moth " - the memoir of the French criminal Henri Charriere, who managed to escape from a prison located on Devil's Island in French Guiana. The film will be directed by Michael Noyer and starred by Charlie Hunnam, best known for his Sons of Anarchy ( Sons of Anarchy ). Work on the new " Moth " should begin in September.

The recent "The Shoal" was called by some critics the best shark movie since the iconic film by Steven Spielberg, and the Shark Tornado franchise acquired a quadriquel in 2016. In the wake of the popularity of the genre, the bosses of Warner Bros. have set out to pay tribute to the sea predators, who this spring have taken seriously the production of the film " Meg ". In March, the film had a new director, and in April it became known that the main character of the sci-fi horror would be portrayed by Jason State. Today Variety writes about the castings of the central female characters of the film - Jessica McNamie and Ruby Rose will help Statue to defeat the ancient giant shark .


The tape, based on the events of the novel of the same name by the American writer Steve Alten, will tell the story of the first-class diver and captain of the US Marine Fleet Jonas Taylor ( State ). Once in the Mariana Trench, he will face an inexplicable danger, interrupt the mission and leave his team at the bottom. This tragic incident will be followed by dismissal, and the outcast of Taylor will be made sincere belief that the danger came from a 20-meter megalodon - the ancestor of the great white shark, which became extinct about 3 million years ago. The obstinacy of Jonas will put an end to his career and deprive his family, but when another underwater vehicle is at the bottom of the ocean and his crew is cut off from the world, the former military will be the only one who can rescue those doomed to death .. .


Both girls have become famous on television and have recently started acting in films. McNamie is set to hit the big screens this year in The Last Days of Summer, and next year in California Night Patrol and Battle of the Sexes. In Mega , the actress is likely to portray the commander of a submarine that will take Jonas into the depths for a new encounter with the Megalodon.

Rose will soon be noted in three action films at once: the three X's triquel with Vin Diesel, the last chapter of Resident Evil, and the sequel to John Wick. In the film State she can be seen as an ocean explorer and also an engineering genius.


The Meg project is due out on March 2, 2018 .

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