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Mister Radical

Image Popularity came to Rami Malek after the release of the series "Mr. Robot", and now the actor manages to successfully combine work on television with filming a movie. As Variety found out, Malek will work on the next film in the company of the creator of "Mr. Robot" Sam Esmail.

Universal has acquired the film rights to the memoir of former FBI agent Tamer Elnuri, who joined the bureau's counterterrorism arm after 9/11. In a book called American Radical, Elnuri describes his experience as an undercover agent in a terrorist organization operating in the United States.

Malek will not only play the main role in the film, but will also share production functions with Esmail and Chad Hamilton. Esmail, in turn, will also lead the filming of the thriller.


Before "Mister Robot", Sam Esmail had only one full-length film - the melodrama "Comet", and later the director added a film about the Bermuda Triangle to the list of plans for the future. As for Rami Malek, this year he will appear in two ambitious projects at once - a remake of "Moth" and "Bohemian Rhapsody", where the actor played Freddie Mercury himself.

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