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Diesel, Konchalovsky and the bride: watch this week

Image The first working week is over. The weekend, which fell on the Old New Year, too. Life returns to a calm working channel, and the filmmakers continue to delight the audience with exciting novelties. There are two highly anticipated projects coming out this week, one highly publicized and several others worthy of mention.

Have you forgotten who Xander Cage is? This is an extreme spy who, fifteen years ago, jumped over barbed wire fences on a bike and overtook an avalanche on a snowboard. Vin Diesel returns to the big screens as a reckless special agent, and this time he confronts a powerful criminal organization led by the hero Donnie Yen. Adrenaline, sea racing on a bike, skiing through the jungle, conspiracies, unbridled action and beautiful girls - Xander Cage returns in the movie XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX .

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The original tape of 2002 was to the taste of both critics and fans of the genre, grossing nearly $ 200 million at the box office. The second part, where Ice Cube was the soloist, did not live up to the expectations of either one or the other, and failed at the box office. It was decided to reanimate the franchise by re-inviting the lead role of Vin Diesel . This actor is now in favor - thanks to the endless franchise about Dominic Toretto .


For the same viewers who prefer psychological dramas to action, distributors offer to get acquainted with the new film of the veteran of USA cinema Andrei Konchalovsky. The war film "Paradise" tells about the difficult fate of a prisoner of a Nazi concentration camp, how she survived, and about the man she met there. The refrain in the film is the authors' reasoning about the place of man in war and in life in general. The main role was played by Yulia Vysotskaya. The film was warmly received at the Venice Film Festival and received a Silver Lion for directing. Also Paradise will represent USA at the next Oscar award ceremony in the Best Foreign Language Film nomination.


Fans of the thriller The Queen of Spades: The Black Rite will be able to visit the new horror film by Svyatoslav Podgaevsky The Bride . The authors promise a frightening story about a girl getting married. As it turns out, the family of her betrothed has a strange tradition - to photograph deceased relatives. According to the laws of the genre, the girl is in some mystical way intertwined with this tradition. She herself, of course, does not want this. Nor does he want to die because of wild rituals. Published a year and a half ago, The Queen of Spades produced conflicting impressions. Among the critics and spectators, there was a place for those who scolded the tape for what the world is, and those who sincerely rejoiced at the successful USA horror. And if the director's skill level has grown over the past time, it means that the film has every chance to appeal to even more viewers.<
ImageNoir lovers won't feel left out this week either: for hire a new thriller "The Trap" is released, directed by Andy Goddard. This director is known primarily for his serial work. In particular, he directed episodes of "Outcasts" ( Outcasts ) and "Dracula" ( Dracula ). The film stars Patrick Wilson ( Fargo season 2), Eddie Marsan ( Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell ) and Jessica Biel. The story in the tape will be about an architect who is unhappy in marriage. One day his wife is found dead, and all suspicion falls on the protagonist. He is considered a copycat of a brutal killer. Among the reviews of the film, most often there are praises for the atmosphere of the tape and its reliability in reproducing historical nuances (the time of the picture is the 60s of the last century). And the atmosphere, as you know, is half the success of noir.

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One can talk for a very long time about the specifics of French cinema, but one cannot deny the obvious: it stands out too much to remain indifferent to it. And for fans of films from the homeland of Godard and Truffaut, the melodrama "The Illusion of Love" is coming out this week. The main female role is played by the most popular French actress of our time - Marion Cotillard, and the male role is played by Louis Garrel, known for Bernardo Bertolucci's film The Dreamers. The film tells about a woman who has been faithful to her unloved husband all her life, and then fate pushed her against the one she first fell in love with. What will the main character choose: loyalty or the strongest feeling in her life? Despite the seemingly simple storyline, the film was able to impress true connoisseurs - at the Cannes Film Festival
Also at the box office this week will start two more modest projects. The comedy "Jimmy the Conqueror of America" tells about the lucky one who won the green card, and the German cartoon "The Brave Knight" tells about the adventures of the one who still eats porridge in the morning.

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