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“Cannons. Girls. World domination ”. Trailer ”Three Xs”

Image Everyone thought the extreme Xander Cage was dead, but no. Alive and in excellent physical shape, he meets us in the trailer for the film with the ambitious title XXX: World Domination - the third installment of the franchise beloved by action fans. DJ Caruso sat in the director's chair of the project, and Samuel L. Jackson, Nina Dobrev and Ruby Rose received their portion of extreme on the set with Vin Diesel. It is curious that the video posted by Vin himself on Facebook has already gained more than 6 million views.

According to the plot, eight years after Xander (Diesel) disappeared from the radar, he returns to the NSA to find the powerful secret weapon "Pandora's Box". Fight against Cage will be a powerful syndicate, including the world's best criminals, and this confrontation, as usual, can end sadly not only for its participants, but for the whole world.

A fearless extreme will burst onto our screens in January next year, but for now you can watch a trailer in which Cage rides on skis through the jungle, on a longboard on a bus, and on a motorcycle on and under the water surface.

Dubbed trailer

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Author: Jake Pinkman