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Xander Cage is ready to perform new tricks

Image Although not all viewers and critics were delighted with the return of the stunt and extreme Xander Cage to the big screens, the third film in the XXX franchise managed to show a very impressive result in boxing. office. With a budget of $ 85 million , he earned more than $ 346 million worldwide. The thriller was especially popular with Chinese viewers, who contributed 42% of the total fees to its box office.

Even before the premiere of the triquel, Vin Diesel admitted that Paramount studio is interested in creating the fourth part of the franchise. After " World Domination " shot at the box office, it became finally clear that the attempt to revive the film series after the failure of the film "Three X 2: The Next Level" ended in success, and the official announcement of the next film is just a question time.

The creators of the franchise really did not take long. Three X's Producers Joe Roth and Jeffrey Kirchenbaum Announced to Variety Reporters The Deal With New Los Angeles Studios The H Collective , which volunteered to fund the filming of the sequel to World Domination .


Although the details of the plot of the quad are still kept secret, Hollywood insiders are sure that it will give viewers a new meeting with the hero of Vin Diesel . It is highly likely that The H Collective will partner and distribute the film by Paramount .

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Author: Jake Pinkman