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There is a fight on equal terms in the US box office

Image On New Year's holidays, a serious struggle broke out for leadership in the North American box office: The Last Jedi almost lost the palm to the Jumanji remake. Moreover, the victory for the eighth episode managed to snatch only by the end of the weekend (December 29 - January 1), although some analysts doubted that the weekend for Ryan Johnson's film would be so successful.

As a result, "The Last Jedi" added another $ 66.8 million to their piggy bank, thus collecting $ 531.5 million in the North American box office and surpassing Beauty and the Beast in this indicator. However, in the global box office, where the new Star Wars have mastered $ 1.05 billion, they only have to get around the musical fairy tale from the Disney studio.

It is noteworthy that of the entire top 5, only the eighth episode lost part of the audience, although the drop in viewers' interest in Johnson's film was a modest 6.6%. While the tape is 28% behind The Force Awakens, but it can boast that it has already bypassed the first spin-off of the franchise. The Last Jedi will be set next weekend when the film opens in theaters in China.


The adventure comedy "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle" continues to delight its creators, which, despite very skeptical forecasts, managed to earn $ 185.2 million in 13 days at the box office, practically doubling the amount of the original 1995 film (excluding inflation). And although critics reacted rather coolly to Jake Kasdan's tape, the successful humorous inserts and charming cast made it a favorite of the audience in the segment of films for family viewing. That is why Call of the Jungle audience grew by 83% over the holiday weekend, allowing it to add an additional $ 66.3 million to its financial asset.


Pitch Perfect 3 continues to generate a steady income for Universal Studios, with the triquel earning an additional $ 21.7 million this weekend. Director Trish C tried to play on the nostalgic feelings of the audience, but the small audience gain during the holidays shows that moviegoers are already tired of the Barden Bells. and their performances. Although the musical numbers in the third part turned out to be excellent - the previous experience of C, who previously worked on music videos and "Step Forward", affects. In all other respects, Pitch Perfect 3 turned out to be an ordinary film, which sometimes even claims to be the laurels of a spy thriller.


To whom the New Year's festivities have brought good luck is The Greatest Showman. In its first week of rolling, the 20th Century Fox musical did nothing special. Moreover, critics were disappointed in Michael Gracie's tape, although it is worth giving credit to the Australian: he jumped over his head. The Greatest Showman may have turned out to be quite predictable, but the manner of shooting turns what is happening on the screen into an exciting performance, and its main star, Hugh Jackman, dances, sings and plays great. This is probably why on the past weekend the audience went to the movie screenings in droves, increasing its audience by more than 100%, and replenishing the film's box office by $ 20.9 million. True, this leap is not enough for the final success, and so far with a total amount of $ 54.

Closes the five best cartoon "Ferdinand", which also turned out to be among those who were lucky in the New Year. Over the weekend, the animation has grossed twice as much as a week earlier, and thanks to an additional $ 14.9 million, it now has $ 57 million in its piggy bank.

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Author: Jake Pinkman