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US Boxing Office hears the call of the jungle and the Force

Image Few doubted that the eighth episode of Star Wars would continue to dominate the North American box office in its second week at the box office, even though the cosmooper had plenty of competition over the weekend. For the Christmas holidays, distributors have prepared a lot of interesting premieres, and if some of them made it to the top 5, then the films "In short" and "Who is our dad, dude?" turned out to be a complete disappointment.

"The Last Jedi" over the past weekend (December 22-24) mastered an additional $ 68.5 million, and now the total gross of the film is $ 365.1 million. While Ryan Johnson's picture in terms of financial indicators is 30% behind The Force Awakens, but by 25% ahead of Rogue One. As for the worldwide box office in general, here the eighth episode grossed $ 745.4 million, allowing Disney to surpass the $ 6 billion mark in the world box office for the second time, and competing studios cannot yet repeat this achievement.

It is difficult to imagine how the rental for The Last Jedi will end, and New Year's holidays will be indicative in this regard. Positive reviews from critics inspire hope, although the new part is unlikely to catch up with The Force Awakens. It is noteworthy that the reviewers liked the eighth episode more than the seventh. They appreciated the efforts of Ryan Johnson, who ventured to develop the plot of the franchise in a new direction for her. Some even put "The Last Jedi" almost on a par with the movie "The Empire Strikes Back.


The audience for the eighth episode fell by two-thirds in a week, and the newcomers played an important role in this. The movie "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle" got off to a great start, earning $ 34 million. Considering that the premiere took place on Wednesday, not Friday, the film now has $ 50.6 million. Almost the same amount ($ 49.5 million) was collected by Jake Kasdan's creation and outside the US.


It is surprising that the idea to create a remake of the cult film "Jumanji" Hollywood has been hatching for many years, and when the Sony studio nevertheless decided to take this rash step, the reaction of the fans of the original was not long in coming. For many, the new version seemed completely optional, but the result exceeded all expectations. Call of the Jungle has received an A- rating from moviegoers, although picky critics are of the opposite opinion. Without a doubt, one of the decisive factors in the remake's success is the all-star cast with Dwayne Johnson at the helm. A fascinating and colorful comedy with a worthy action game has found its audience, and the plus of Sony studio can be added that only $ 90 million was spent on shooting the tape.


Pitch Perfect 3 started in third position, forcing fans of the Barden Bells to fork out $ 20.5 million. After the success of the sequel, Universal had hoped that Elizabeth Banks would agree to lead the filming of the new part, but she eventually refused, and Trish took over as director C. Like Welcome to the Jungle, the third Pitch Perfect was praised by A-, but critics were disappointed.

No doubt fans of the franchise will find many touching moments in this farewell performance, but the triquel no longer has that enthusiasm and non-standard plot twists that made Pitch Perfect so popular with viewers.


Another debutant of the week, the musical "The Greatest Showman", could not please its creators. The film began its trip to theaters with a modest sum of $ 8.6 million, falling short of expectations. Neither the presence of Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron in the cast, nor the duet of composers "La La Lenda" could provide a decent start to the tape. Although those viewers who nevertheless decided to go to the show were satisfied with the performance of Barnum's circus and rated it with the highest score A. However, critics did not get such a positive impression from the viewing. Jackman is charming as always, but "The Greatest Showman" does not bring anything new to the genre and in places is too reminiscent of "Moulin Rouge" or a Broadway musical that suddenly migrated to the big screens. Although the reviewers could not fail to note the sincerity and energy,

Closing the top five for the week is the animated film "Ferdinand", which had to make room from the position of vice-leader under the pressure of new prime ministers. An additional $ 7.1 million went to the cartoon's piggy bank, and so far it boasts an amount of $ 26.5 million - very modest in comparison with the $ 111 million budget.

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