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USA Box Office: The Jedi Lose Power

Image Since its premiere in December, the Jumanji remake has managed to get rich, but one peak did not want to conquer it: having another episode of Star Wars in the competition, Jake Kasdan's film could not climb to the top of the financial rating. That all changed last weekend (January 5-7), when The Last Jedi lost their former charm for the audience.

"Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle" took first place in the top 5, adding $ 36 million to its asset. Now the picture has $ 244.4 million at home, which is 2.5 times more than its budget ($ 90 million). Thanks to viewers from outside the United States, the remake can even boast a decent amount of $ 519.4 million.

Moreover, Kasdan's tape turned out to be the highest-grossing feature film in Kevin Hart's career, and among projects with Dwayne Johnson's participation at home, only Moana ($ 248.8 million) and Fast and Furious 7 ($ 353 million) earned more money. And it seems that while "Jumanji" does not plan to slow down: in a week its audience sank by only 28%, and some viewers even consider the remake to be the funniest film ever seen.


However, not only the schoolchildren who got into the video game turned out to be faster than the "Last Jedi". The only newcomer of the week, the horror game Astral 4: The Last Key, had a great start at the box office. It started its cinemas at $ 29.3 million, surpassing the previous installment of the franchise. As is the case with the rest of Blumhouse's creations, the next Astral was filmed for a modest $ 10 million by today's standards. Analysts predict that in the end the horror film will collect at least five times more. Overseas viewers also paid attention to Adam Robitel's film, adding $ 20.1 million to his piggy bank.


In what the fourth part lost to its predecessor, it is in the viewer rating. Moviegoers gave the horror an average B- rating, and critics reacted coolly to the film. However, this did not affect the interest of the audience, who wanted to see at least something new in cinemas. Astral 4 will surely appeal to fans of the franchise, but connoisseurs of the genre are unlikely to find anything truly frightening in it. The work of the newcomer to the film series, Adam Robitel, turned out to be too uneven, but the director still prepared a couple of surprises.


The Last Jedi were content last weekend with only the third position. Quite predictably, the audience's interest in the eighth episode is dwindling: the audience fell by more than 50%. And yet, the week brought Ryan Johnson's film another $ 23.6 million, which allowed him, with an amount of $ 572.5 million, to take the sixth place in the list of the highest grossing films in the history of the US box office. This weekend was also significant because The Last Jedi debuted in China, where they were disappointed. The film did not reach the box office of either The Force Awakens or Rogue One, although it already has $ 1.21 billion at the worldwide box office.


Slowly but surely, the musical "The Greatest Showman" is moving towards the cherished goal. The previous weekend turned out to be very successful for the film, and over the last weekend, another $ 13.8 million went to its piggy bank.Now, with a total of $ 75.9 million and $ 74.5 million overseas receipts, the picture is close to finally recouping its $ 84- million dollar budget.

Closes the top 5 triquel "The Perfect Voice", which earned another $ 10.2 million. The Barden Bellas collective may have disappointed critics and fans of the franchise, but collected a decent $ 86 million at home and $ 141 million worldwide. The third part does not reach the results of the sequel, but has already bypassed the first "Pitch Perfect" in gross.

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Author: Jake Pinkman