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Don't bring Jackie Chan up. Trailer ”Foreigner”

Image Studio GSC Cinemas unveiled a trailer for the movie "Foreigner" , in which the audience's favorite Jackie Chan dispensed with his trademark comedy tricks, completely immersed in a serious dramatic image. The project is directed by Martin Campbell, best known for his movie "Casino Royale," and Jackie is screened by Pierce Brosnan. The slogan of a crime fighter is"Never push a good person to the limit". Judging by the trailer, viewers will find a tough and full of special effects performance, telling in color about what can happen when a good person still runs out of patience.

The plot focuses on a Vietnam war veteran who, after serving in prison, settled in London and lived a quiet life. A man with a very difficult past, in which there were military exploits, betrayals, and bitter losses, through the fault of the terrorists, loses his daughter. He longs to find the guilty and punish them, but neither old connections nor law enforcement agencies help him in this. And then the desperate warrior, who now has nothing to lose, takes matters into his own hands and goes on the warpath. And since the main character of the tape is well enough prepared to repulse the enemy in any conditions, blood will flow like a river until he gets what he wants.

An interesting fact: during the filming of the action movie, a real double-decker bus was blown up on one of the London bridges, which seriously frightened those residents of the British capital who are not interested in the film process, including children playing in nearby playgrounds.

Dubbed trailer

The release of "Foreigner" in USA will take place on November 9 .

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