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Honeymoon Diary with Harry

Image A project called Harry's Honeymoon has been in development for over ten years. More than once the studio New Line Cinema tried to get the work on the picture off the ground, attracting eminent actors, directors and screenwriters.

And now, after years of being in the development stage, the film adaptation of Bart Baker's novel is close to making it to the big screens. The Tracking Board managed to find out that the management of New Line invited Nick Cassavetes to take the director's chair of the project. The scriptwriter of the film is currently Dan Fogelman (This Stupid Love).

Speech in the film will focus on a man who slowly goes to the bottom, having fun recklessly. However, his life changes after meeting a girl, only her father hates his future son-in-law. But shortly before the wedding, tragedy occurs - the bride dies, and the main character finds nothing better than to go on a planned honeymoon with his hated father-in-law ...

A couple of years ago, Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper showed interest in the project, but now all the seats in the cast of the film are vacant.


Perhaps the most famous film by Nick Cassavetes is the touching melodrama The Diary of Remembrance, and his other films include John Cue, Alpha Dog and My Guardian Angel. Now the director also plans to collaborate with the studio MGM on the remake of "Roadside Diner", in which the main role is given to Ronda Rousey.

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Author: Jake Pinkman