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Nick Cassavetes is preparing a new ”Notebook”

Image At one time, the drama "The Diary", based on the novel of the same name by Nicholas Sparks, brought Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams worldwide fame, and it looks like director Nick Cassavetes is going to repeat the success of 13 years ago.

As it became known to the Variety website, the filmmaker is preparing another romantic drama. The picture was called Have You Seen Her ("Have you seen her?" *), But Cassavetes is in no hurry to reveal its details. It is only known that it will be about an international novel in the spirit of the "Diary of Memory". Nick Cassavetes will co-write the script along with longtime colleague Paul Johansson. It is curious that a famous director had been developing this idea for years, and when the management of Paris Film Inc. heard her, then immediately agreed to produce the tape.

“This is a very sexy and witty story set in an exotic, even fantastic setting, perfect for creating a sense of presence,” said Rob Paris (Gambit), one of the producers of the upcoming />

In addition to "The Diary of Memory" in the filmography of Nick Cassavetes there are such melodramas as "The Other Woman" and "My Guardian Angel". As for Paul Johansson, TV lovers know him for his role as Dan Scott in One Tree Hill, and together with Cassavetes, he worked as an actor on the films The Notebook, John Cue and Alpha Dog. Paul is now preparing to shoot his directorial debut, the psychological horror film Sacrifice.

* - preliminary translation.

The Topic of Article: Nick Cassavetes is preparing a new ”Notebook”.
Author: Jake Pinkman