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Casting: Zellweger - on stage, Roberts - in family

Image Deciding to get rid of the sore image of the unusually "lucky" Englishwoman Bridget Jones, Renee Zellweger signed up to take part in Judy's biopic about American actress and singer Judy Garland. The plot will be based on the final period of the life of the show business legend, as well as her relationship with her fans and other musicians.

Tom Edge, who had a hand in the creation of Crown, will take on the script for the film. It will be produced by the British BAFTA award winner David Livingstone, known for his work in the film Pride. The creators of the film about the famous singer, led by director Rupert Gould ("True Story"), promise to please viewers with a sharp twisted plot and famous hits of the famous performer.


Julia Roberts and Lucas Hedges will star in Peter Hedges' drama Ben Is Back. The film will be produced by Brad Simpson and Nina Jacobson and will begin filming in New York this December. Viewers will get acquainted with the events on the eve of Christmas Eve when a young man named Ben Burns (Hedges) returns home to his family. Soon the hero's mother (Roberts) realizes that her son is in great danger. From now on, Holly Burns must do everything possible to survive the fateful twenty-four hours and keep the family together.


Meanwhile, Judith Light and Roberta Colindres will be filming the upcoming movie Ms. White Light with John Ortiz, Variety reports. Paul Scholberg will direct the film according to his own script, and the project will be funded by Pigasus Pictures. In the center of the plot is a team of father and daughter performed by Ortiz and Roberta Colindres, advising terminally ill clients. Light is cast as one of the patients, and The Good Catholic star Zachary Spicer will play a mysterious medium. The film crew will begin work in late October in Bloomington, Indiana.

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