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Villain Angelina and Glamorous Rene: Watch This Week

Image Next week, the mistress of darkness, dressed in the costume of the familiar horned villainess, performed by the beautiful actress, woman and activist Angelina Jolie, will meet domestic viewers in cinemas. The Hollywood star will return to the antagonist Maleficent in the second part of the fantasy franchise to amaze us with the scale of new adventures in a fabulous setting. In the adjacent cinema hall, you can plunge into the atmosphere of chic and glamor with Renee Zellweger, who reincarnated as the legendary Judy Garland.

For a portion of the fear hormone, go to the horror session "They" about otherworldly beings in masks, and for positive emotions - to the comedy "Okay, Lexi!" about a voice assistant who suddenly ceased to be an assistant and began to intrigue the owner of the smartphone. As for USA cinema, Valeria Gai Germanika will be responsible for it with her new film-parable about our fears.

Maleficent: Lady of Darkness. Don't try to ruin her morning

Maleficent: Mistress of Darkness
Dubbed Trailer

At one time, "Maleficent" set the trend for game remakes of Disney cartoons. The film, which was released in 2014, was a great success, so the bosses of Disney, without hesitation, gave the green light to the sequel, in which Angelina Jolie, adored by the public, will return to the role of the colorful villain. According to the plot, over the years that have passed since the events of the first part, the relationship between Princess Aurora (El Fanning) and Maleficent has improved, which cannot be said about people and magical creatures. In addition, Aurora is preparing for the wedding with Prince Philip, which is not particularly pleasing to Maleficent, and the future mother-in-law of the princess generally declares that the witch has no place in the life of her daughter-in-law. But it would be better if no one angered the mistress of darkness, otherwise events may take an unexpected and not very pleasant turn for everyone. The second part of the franchise was directed by Joaquim Ronning.

Judy ". Mother actress - grief in the family

Dubbed Trailer

Rupert Gould's biographical drama tells about the decline of the career of one of the brightest stars of the Golden Age of Hollywood - Judy Garland. Exhausted by endless filming and performances, numerous fans and romances, she takes her daughter Lisa Minnelli and travels to London, where she prepares to present the audience with a magnificent show. But here, too, she is whirled by the whirlpool of flirting and riotous life, and the irresistible and charming manager Mickey Deans constantly distracts the reception from important matters. The title role in the biopic was played by Renee Zellweger, and Mickey was portrayed by the American Crime Story star Finn Wittrock. In spirit and mood, this picture is reminiscent of Rocketman, and Rene's masterful reincarnation has become one of the most praised by critics of Judy's merits.

Okay Lexi! " When the miracle of technology goes wrong

"Okay Lexi"
Duplicate Trailer

Someone had to do it sooner or later - to make a film about a voice assistant who went crazy from a smartphone. You tell her your passwords, she calls her names, ask for a pizza, she hints that it would be better for you to get by with a salad, and publicly calls your boss a jerk. However, there is some benefit from Lexi: if you suddenly do not have the courage to write or call a girl you like, she will do it for you. Just do not forget that Lexi herself is kind of like a girl, besides, she is very touchy and vindictive, and if something makes her angry, the consequences will not be long in coming. This comedy, which is relevant for any modern viewer, was filmed by John Lucas and Scott Moore, and the main role was played by Adam Devine, whom TV series lovers may remember from The American Family.

They ". Mask, I don't know you

Duplicate Trailer

The plot of this horror does not shine with originality: a group of students went to the attraction with the telling name "Panic Rooms" for the thrill, but received a little more than expected. Under the masks of the clowns surrounding them, as it turned out, there are ominous creatures from another world who intend to play with the guys their own game, much more adrenaline-filled. It is encouraging that among the creators of this horror film, Eli Roth, well acquainted with the genre, is listed as a producer, and the script was written by Scott Beck and Brian Woods, who worked in this capacity on the hit "Quiet Place". In the horror film "They", the duo also shared the director's chair.

Thought Wolf ". Me and my loneliness


The new work of the domestic director Valeria Gai Germanika with Yulia Vysotskaya in the title role is a kind of parable about fear, loneliness, doubt, pain and other monsters that hide in our minds and sometimes go outside to show their grin. Dissection of the human soul takes place on the example of the relationship between mother and daughter, and Valeria herself says about her new film that the wolf symbolizes"the edge that cannot be accepted in oneself". According to her, “The Mental Wolf”, like the most famous film of Germanicus “Everyone will die, but I will stay”, tells about “evil loneliness” that covers a person who lives without close connection with God.

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