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Renee Zellweger hits TV

Image According to the portal The Hollywood Reporter, one more Oscar winner can be added to the list of Hollywood stars who have decided to temporarily exchange cinema for television. Renee Zellweger has starred in the new Netflix series What / If.

The project is described as a social thriller, the main theme of which will be the domino effect that occurs when good people start to do bad things. Each season will be a separate cautionary tale, inspired by the burning problems of society. The show's creators plan to show what kind of power one fateful decision can have that can change the trajectory of a lifetime. It is known that Zellweger's heroine is named Anne, but other details, as well as the plot of the first season, are kept secret, although insiders believe that the newlyweds will be at the center of events.

The idea of creating the thriller belongs to Mike Kelly, who previously worked on the series “OS - Lonely Hearts ”,“ Swinger City ”and“ Revenge ”. He will take over the functions of the showrunner, as well as write the script. Executive producers on the project include Robert Zemeckis (Allies), Jack Rapk (The Crew), Charles Roven (12 Monkeys), Alex Gartner (Warcraft) and Melissa Loy (Beautiful Life).


It is noteworthy that Zellweger began her acting career just on TV, playing in the television movie Taste for Killing, but the Netflix project will be her first major role on the small screens. As for the cinema, over the past couple of years the actress has starred in the dramas "Not Like Me" and "The Best Day of My Life", and next year there will be a biopic by Judy Garland starring Rene.

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