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Super Nanny speaks English

Image Hollywood draws ideas for new films not only from the classics of cinema, but also from the work of directors from other countries. Of course, films that have either been awarded prestigious awards or enjoyed deafening success in their homeland are more often in the field of vision of producers. Next year the English-language version of the comedy drama "1 + 1" will be released, and now the portal The Hollywood Reporter reports that another French tape will receive the remake.

Angry Films , Moonriver Content and Entertainment One will finance and produce an English-language remake of Super Nanny , which 2014 became the most successful comedy in France. The director of the new project is Ian Morris , creator of the Oversized sitcom and its full-length version. Peter Hoare ("Kevin Can Wait") is responsible for the script of the tape.

"Super Nanny" , recall, talks about a guy named Frank , who on his 30th birthday is forced to look after the boss's son. However, the protagonist's friends do not intend to leave him without a holiday, and the party they organized will eventually start a chain of catastrophically hilarious events.


The film starring Philippe Lacho became a box office hit and received a sequel in 2015. Lacho , who also co-directed SuperBaby along with Nicholas Benamou, will be involved in the work on the remake.

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