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Attractive Medieval

Image In addition to attempts to re-shoot existing tapes, Disney studio manages to develop new projects. Among them is a family genre fiction film called Knights, which is set in medieval Europe. Matthew Orton (Operation Endgame) is working on the script. In the center of the plot will be a stubborn young woman who joins the knight's campaign. Together, the heroes will have to destroy a dangerous magic artifact before the magic falls into the hands of bad people.

Sources say the Knights will be released in theaters rather than the upcoming Disney + online marketplace. Jessica Verchue and Chaz Salember are appointed executive producers of the project. Verchu is one of the oldest women in the company's feature film division and is involved in the remakes of Mulan, Cruella, Togo for Disney + and The Little Mermaid, directed by Rob Marshall. Salember, who entered the House of Mouse in 2015, is involved in the filming of the remake of the animated film Lady and the Tramp for the aforementioned streaming service and the musical Cyrano the Moor with David Oyelowo.

Other details about the "Knights" are still unknown. In the near future, Disney will repeatedly send viewers back to the Middle Ages. The studio also plans a remake of The Sword in the Stone (directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, written by Brian Cogman) and the film Young Merlin, which will be directed by Ridley Scott.

Source: Deadline

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