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The legend comes to life again. Mulan Teaser Trailer

Image The Walt Disney Company continues to tell old tales in a new way. Next spring, she will send viewers to the mysterious and amazing Celestial Empire in the film adaptation of a medieval ballad about a brave girl who pretends to be a man in order to save her sick father from general mobilization. The first promo video of the adventure blockbuster "Mulan" makes it clear that we will have a truly interesting and exciting film journey.

Disney artists have already introduced the public to the plot of the famous Chinese epic in the 1998 cartoon of the same name. The film by Barry Cook and Tony Bancroft received flattering reviews in the press, became a hit at the box office and won ten Annie Animation Awards. House of Mouse thought about creating her game remake back in the early 2000s. The image of the title character could have been embodied by Zhang Ziyi, but at the last moment the studio hit the brakes.

Work on the film resumed only in 2015, when Disney released several successful remakes in a row - from "Alice in Wonderland" to "Cinderella". Hundreds of actresses took part in the struggle for the role of Mulan. The biggest impression on the studio bosses was made by Chinese American Liu Yifei. The cast also includes such stars of Asian and world cinema as Donnie Yen, Gun Li and Jet Li.


Disney has clearly listened to critics who accused it of playing on the feelings of fans and almost frame-by-frame reproduction of key fragments of the original cartoons. The Mulan teaser trailer makes it clear that Nicky Caro's film will not be a trite copy of the 1998 animated hit. The new film adaptation of the medieval legend will lose musical fragments and will receive much more battle scenes, and the insidious Shan-Yu will be replaced by two new antagonists at once - the leader of the Huns Bori Khan and the witch Xian Lang. The return of another key character in the classic Disney cartoon, Mushu, is in doubt. Rumor has it that the filmmakers replaced the public's favorite with the phoenix. However, one should not exclude the possibility that the studio simply did not want to show the charming red dragon in the very first teaser.

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The world premiere of "Mulan" will take place on March 25, 2020.

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