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Amazing granddaughter

Image Back in February, Rachel Brosnahan was going to work with Amblin on the sci-fi film Distant, but due to the coronavirus, the project hung in the air, which, however, does not prevent the owner of the Emmy and two Golden Globes from counting on further cooperation with the studio. Brosnahan starred in another Amblin project - the adaptation of The Switch.

The work of Beth O'Leary tells about the grandmother and granddaughter. At the age of 29, Lina is already tired of life, and then a failure at work forces her to take a vacation. Eileen will soon turn eighty. She would like to fall in love, but the trouble is - the choice of worthy gentlemen in her village is small. The solution to the problem turned out to be quite simple: the heroines change places. Lina moves to Yorkshire, where her daily routine includes walking the dog, chatting with annoying neighbors and gossip, while Eileen finds herself in a small London apartment, starts using dating apps and even opens a singles club.

Christie Makosko Krieger (Ready Player One) will co-produce the film and Rebecca Bowling will write the script.

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