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Will Marvel return Inhumans to the big screens?

Image The history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe can be considered a benchmark for success. The film comics of the American media franchise have earned immense popularity and occupy the first places in the list of the highest grossing films. But Marvel also has some outsiders. This role was assumed by the aliens Inhumans: a full-length action movie with characters of a fictional race was officially announced by the company and even received a release date, but never saw the light of day. However, according to recent reports, the studio bosses are not going to give up. It is possible that fans will still see the adventures of the human race, which are the result of experiments of the Kree race, on the big screens.

Given the reaction of viewers to the television series about mutants with superpowers, the termination of work on a full-length comic strip came as no surprise to anyone. The show "Inhumans", which the public believed was the worst of all projects in the cinematic universe, was canceled after eight episodes. In October 2014, the management of the Hollywood studio set out to make Inhumans part of the Third Phase of its cinematic universe. A few months later, the date of the blockbuster premiere was moved from 2018 to 2019, and then the project went to the shelf. Since then, talk about a possible reboot has not subsided, and now sources say that the studio is again seriously interested in Inhumans. According to rumors, Vin Diesel is still the main candidate for the role of Black Bolt - the King of Inhumans with a destructive hypersonic voice.


The head of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, previously stated that none of the released series is considered canon of the universe. This, of course, only plays into the hands of the team of Inhumans, whose spin-off so disappointed the audience.

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