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Inhuman arrival delayed

Image When Marvel and Disney announced the start of work on a sequel to Ant-Man, journalists suggested that some other MCU project might fall out of favor. Now this information has been confirmed by the president of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige . According to him, the release of the blockbuster " Inhumans " has been postponed indefinitely, and the film is likely to become part of Phase 4 .

Feige claims that Disney and Marvel decided to postpone the Inhumans due to the fact that the cinematic universe has replenished with several more projects over the past two years. So, the already mentioned sequel to Ant-Man went into work, and the studio Sony together with Marvel is preparing a new solo album Spider-Man .

“Since the Phasing of Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies was announced, Spider-Man and Ant-Man have been added to the list of projects and Wasp " . In addition, The Walt Disney Company is working on the fifth Indiana Jones. Therefore, the Inhumans release will be pushed back. For how long, I can't say yet ", - said Feige .


The Inhumans race was first introduced in Marvel comics in 1965. They were ruled by the king Black Thunder with a destructive voice. By the way, his role has long been predicted by Vin Diesel. Inhumans have already been compared to Guardians of the Galaxy. But in one of his interviews, Kevin Feige specified that the blockbuster will contain elements of social drama, which cannot be called typical for other films of the studio.


Initially, the premiere date of "Inhumans" in our country was set for July 11, 2019 , and while Disney studio has not postponed the official release.

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Author: Jake Pinkman