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Inhumans will move to TV

Image Marvel studio management is finally ready to shoot the long-awaited solo album Inhumans . The Collider publication reports that the film adaptation of the comic about the mysterious alien race will be realized in the format of a television series.

In October 2014, the Hollywood studio announced that The Inhumans would be one of the Phase Three films of its cinematic universe. A few months later, the date of the blockbuster premiere was moved from 2018 to 2019, and then its fate was completely in limbo. Over the past two years, Marvel has decided to replenish its line of superhero action films with the tapes "Spider-Man" and "Ant-Man and the Wasp", after which " Inhumans " became the first candidate for elimination from Phase 3 .

Last September, the leadership of Marvel also underwent a reorganization, as a result of which the film and television departments of the company became autonomous from each other. Rumors soon surfaced that the Inhumans solo album could go to small screens, as members of this race became active participants in the plot of the popular TV series "Agents of SHIELD." ( Marvel's Agents of SHIELD ).


Marvel will be supporting Inhumans for the television adaptation of Inhumans and ABC and IMAX . For the famous Canadian company, the upcoming project will be the first attempt at writing a series. The management of IMAX intends to fund the telecomic strip, provide the film crew with their cameras and even release its first two episodes on the big screens.

Inhumans were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1965. They first appeared on the pages of comics about Fantastic Four , and ten years later they decided to devote their own series of graphic novels. According to the original backstory, genetically modifiedhomo sapienswere born as a result of military experiments of the Kree race.


Despite the fact that many representatives of Inhumans are outwardly similar to humans, they have much more power, and their average life expectancy is 150 years. The leadership of ABC has not yet gone into details of the plot of the series, but made it clear that viewers will be waiting for a meeting with the royal family of the alien race. The leader of the humanoids is the wise and laconic Black Bolt , whose voice has tremendous destructive power.

The series is expected to premiere in theaters next September, after which it will begin airing on a weekly basis on ABC .


Insiders still find it difficult to say whether the start of work on the telecomic is evidence that Marvel has decided to finally abandon the idea of filming a full-length version of " Inhumans ". The film was last heard in April this year, when Kevin Feige announced that its creation was postponed indefinitely.

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